LADY’S JOY LUXURY SKIN CARE PRODUCTS successfully countervails the age-increasing collagen deficit and maintains fresh, youthful looking skin. It intensively moisturizes and prevents dehydration, nourishes and regenerates the skin density and elasticity. The products include natural active ingredients such as Moringa oil, Babassu oil, Pea Extract, Chlorella Vulgaris extract and are all formulated without parabens, waxes or silicone.


History remembers a time when the price of the famous Bulgarian rose oil was close to the price of gold. Since then it is called “liquid gold”. The effective action of each product is based on the included natural active ingredients: organic rose oil; organic rose water both obtained from the flowers of the oil-bearing rose / Rosa Damascena Mill / called “Queen of flowers” and Black Pearl extract derived from a special nacre known as Pinctada Margaritifera called “Jewel of the Sea”, “Pearl of Queens” and “Queen of Pearls”

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