Gentle Exfoliant, Cleanser & Toner

Gentle Exfoliant, Cleanser & Toner


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Gentle Face Exfoliant – New formula, combining an enzymatic exfoliant and hydrating action without micro-particles, delivering an optimal amount of papain-proteolytic enzyme to the facial skin. Gently removes dead cells and leaves a feeling of freshness, softness, regeneration, and comfort.

Cleansing milk – Cleansing milk with rich natural composition focused on three actions: Gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin; Optimally moisturizes and increases the skin barrier against dehydration; Regenerates the tissues and gives the skin a healthy look.

Toner – Specially designed formula enriched with natural active ingredients complex, refreshes, tones and softens the facial skin. Gentle care for tired and dehydrated skin.

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Gentle Face Exfoliant – (160 mL/5.63 US fl. oz.)
Cleansing milk – (160 mL/5.63 fl. oz.)
Toner – (160 mL/5.63 US fl. oz.)


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